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Let's Get Ready to Crumble!


Amy W.D. is ready to help in the fight to restore our faith in one another.

Official Bio

Amy Weinland Daughters, Award-Winning Author and Keynote Speaker, believes in a world where what makes us different is the very thing that connects us, instead of separates us. She brings that world to life by helping people reconnect to each other through the power of hand-written letters. She brings her wit, humor, and having written 580 handwritten letters to every single one of her Facebook friends, to show you how you can find deep connections in some of the most unexpected places. 

On Stage Energy

Amy is Where Hilarity and Heartfelt Meet 

In one interaction with her, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and most importantly, you’ll be inspired to be a better person. She speaks about the depth of human connection, with a much needed comedic relief at the same time. Amy has a way to make human concepts simple, and reminds us that we already have all the tools we need inside us. 

It's going to funny with feelings!

See Amy Live in Action

Keynote Talks

Amy W.D. is ready to talk about the lessons she learned in writing hundreds of handwritten letters.

Dear Friend: How to Reconnect in a Disconnected World Through the Forgotten Practice of Handwriting Letters 

Audience Best For: Professionals,
Women’s Empowerment Groups, 
Christian Women in Business 


Dear Friend: How to Engage Your Employees Through the Forgotten Practice of Handwriting Letters 

Audience Best For: Human Resources, Employee Wellness, Employee Engagement, Culture

By The End of a Talk with Amy, your Audience Will Leave...

Feeling inspired to go write someone a handwritten letter 

Excited to go to the post office to buy stamps

Feeling that fire inside to step out of the divide and into the field of possibility 

Having laughed their butt off

Feeling moved on a soul level

With their hope restored in humanity 

Hear From People Who Have Seen Amy Speak

Amy Daughters does the difficult.  She blends humor with meaning.  Amy’s storytelling impacts you deeply. You walk away believing in joy amidst hardship and planning how you might make a difference.  Yet the realization may take a moment because you are having so much fun!

Amy's talk was inspiring,  from the heart, and it touched everyone. Some wonderful connections were made as the result of Amy's talk. It warmed our hearts and we are so grateful she could be with us.

Suzy Englert, Curriculum Coordinator

Lone Star CollegeHouston, Texas

Glenda Wilkins, Grow Director

Christ United Methodist Church

Kettering, Ohio

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