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the dream sequence

Amy and THE Dana with Kelly Clarkson

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Friends connect 30 years later with handwritten letters 

Dr. Meg Meeker

Meg Meeker Podcast

Hidden Joys From Doing Something Outrageous

FOX 7 Austin Texas

KTBC  - FOX 7, Austin, Texas

Dear Dana: Memoir documents friends reconnecting on Facebook

Seacoast Church's Things You Won't Hear on Sunday Podcast

Seacoast Podcast

Dear Dana, What if Polarity Was No Match for Love?

Molly Stillman's Can I Laugh on your Shoulder Podcast

Molly Stillman Podcast

How Writing a Letter Changed a Life with Amy W. Daughters and Dana Rivera

Susan E. Casey's Podcast

Susan Casey Podcast

Miracles that Arise in the Wake of Deep Loss with Amy and Dana

NBC 4 San Antonio, Texas

WOIA - NBC 4, San Antonio, Texas

Universal Letter Writing Week

WGN 9 Chicago

WGN 9, Chicago

Dear Dana: That time I went crazy and wrote all 580 of my Facebook friends a handwritten letter

The Lisa Show on BYU Radio

The Lisa Show

Making Friends as an Adult

Candace Sampson's What She Said Podcast

Candace Sampson Podcast

Taking Facebook Offline

CBS 3, Memphis, Tennessee

WREG - CBS 3, Memphis, Tennessee

Live At 9: “Dear Dana” Connects Old and New Friends Through Letters

KAMC/KLBK, Lubbock Texas

KAMC/KLBK - Lubbock, Texas

Trends & Friends: Author and TTU graduate, Amy W. Daughters, writes to share hope

Julie Rose's Top of the Mind Show on BYU Radio

Top of the Mind with Julie Rose

Benefits of Social Relationships: Mending Fractures and Widening Our Circles

The Advocate, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Advocate - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

BFFs: A letter-writing journey begins with tragedy and ends with an unbreakable bond in 'Dear Dana'

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