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Meet Amy

a Texas girl living a size 6 life in size 12 jeans.

Amy W.D. - she may not be a model but don't tell her.
Amy W.D. with her family.
Amy W.D. writing about college football while watching the Dallas television program

where I came from 

It all started when Dick and Sue Weinland hooked up at an apartment complex in Houston, Texas. Four years later, after things had gotten quite cozy, I was born just a few short miles from the Eighth Wonder of the World, a.k.a. – the Astrodome. 

I blossomed into womanhood north of H-Town, in Spring, Texas, where I attended Klein Oak High School. From there, it was on to the Princeton of the Texas Panhandle – THE Texas Tech University – and just five glorious years later, a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. 

That's when it became time for me to not only enter the world of business (I was in the purchasing arena for a decade) but to do my own hooking up and child creating. The plot twist that brings us to the rest of the story was my husband’s job moving us to England for three years. Finding myself temporarily without employment, I did the next obvious thing and became a writer. 

Amy W.D. (far right) with parents and family in Scotland in 2004.
Amy W.D. with her beloved father at Texas Tech graduation in 1991.
Amy W.D. at ten years old (middle) with younger brother Rick (left) and much older sister Kimber (right).

stuff I've done that I srsly never ever thought I'd do

Have someone pay me to write about college football.
Write a hilarious book about time travel (that turned out to really be about my feelings) and have it published.
Become pen pals with an old camp friend and share my innermost thoughts with a complete stranger through the U.S. Mail.
Write all 580 of my Facebook friends a handwritten letter.
Write an inspirational book about being pen pals with my old camp friend and writing all my Facebook friends a letter and have it published.
Ribbon dance at my niece's wedding reception. 
Become a Keynote Speaker who wants to start a letter-writing movement.

core values

It's never too late to tell someone that you care about them. 

Amy W.D. writing in her office.

We don't have everything figured out, and that's a good thing.

We don't have to be on the exact same path to arrive at the same destination. 

We don't need a response to validate that we've made a difference. 

We don't have to espouse the same belief systems in order to like or love another human being.  

We have no idea the impact we have on other people. While we can't gauge the ripple effect of our attempts at goodness, we should never stop trying. 

10 random things about me

1. I love to go fishing.

2. My favorite food group

is chicken wings.

3. I would rather go back in time than see the future.

4. Every week I buy two different kinds of flowers from the grocery store and make an arrangement for my kitchen.

5. My dream is to take an old run down motel from the 1960s and restore it to its former glory.

Amy W.D. fishing in East Texas

6. I'm horrible at yoga.

7. I can name all of the U.S. Presidents in order. 

8. I don't like dinner forks and eat every meal I can with a salad fork.

9. My favorite TV Shows of all time are Dallas, Mad Men, Call the Midwife, and Nurse Jackie.

10. I LOVE all things plaid and/or tartan!

Amy W.D. celebrating all things Tartan
Flowers by Amy W.D.
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